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Casey “Cheese” Kelly

Known for his dynamic skillset with drums, bass
and 808’s, Atlanta native and 15 year
production veteran Casey “Cheese” Kelly has
been a staple producer and sound director in the Atlanta hip hop scene.

A graduate of Cinncinati State audio civil
engineering program and a top producer in the
Atlanta market, Casey Has worked with a countless
amount of the city’s brightest artist. After
developing a strong relationship producing for
the Atlanta United, he helped develop a
commercial for the team that was broadcast
during their championship season.

As the lead producer of 1009 Studio, Cheese  is
excited to open up his exclusive prodcution to
help the next major artist blaze their path to
the top.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the leading music production company for artists, cinema, television, and advertising.  With our distinct sound, we exceed expectations by delivering the highest quality music while positively impacting people’s lives.  Music is our passion and way of life.  We strive to help our clients reach their highest levels of excellence and creativity by producing music that is undeniably timeless and commercially viable.